You could be friends or you might be in the course of forming a relationship. Four Simple Methods to Discover The Truth

What are the indicators that you’re either dating or friends? Are there ways to tell the way he’s feeling without contacting his friends or insisting on answers? What can you discover from his body language? Was he saying the way you imagined he intended to, or was he really saying something else? Is it possible to know what he is thinking without asking him directly? check this out?

Let’s take the time to explore how, in only a few easy steps a close friendship can grow and bloom to the next level of actual romance, and you are able to determine what exactly you want from him! Curious? Then keep reading…

The first thing to do is not be afraid to simply come directly to him and let him know how you feel.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Try it. If he has no idea that you’re interested in him, he may be hesitant to open up about his true feelings. He’ll probably be thrilled to know that you believe he’s attractive. It’s better to find out the moment if he’s not going to take you up on the offer rather than be patient and hope. Wouldn’t you agree?

Second: Don’t anticipate too many things in too short a time!

Don’t be concerned about getting a straight answer. If you get a surprising answer, don’t jump into conclusions. Honestly, some of my most memorable relationships started when we were “just friends” and appeared to remain in this state until they “blossomed” into… romance! If you’d like your relationship to blossom into a romantic one, it’s essential to develop a strong friendship.

Thirdly, do not engage in games.

Be authentic. Be honest. Be honest about your feelings. There’s no standard method to take relationships from “just friends” to the next stage. In fact, it may never happen even once. If you’re not authentic, honest, and open with him (and yourself) the possibility is that it will never take place. ) Then it doesn’t matter whether it does or not, because any relationship that is built on lies is doomed to fail.

On the other hand it is if you are sincere, open, and open about who you are, what you’re feeling, and what you’re hoping for in the event that it develops into romance, your relationship will be built on solid ground and have a greater chance of succeeding for the long term.

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