What is the interior of Flagpole Ball’s Interior?

It’s a classic question: What’s in the news flagpole ball? It’s not even close to the truth. The flagpoleball serves decorative purposes. A flagpoleball consists of two pieces of aluminum curved that have been joined by welding. These are attached on a 1/2″ threaded rod to allow for the flagpole’s installation. A truck is often called the ball. Finial would have been the correct term. The truck is used for housing the pulley. Attaching the ball to your truck will prevent water getting into hollow flagpoles. Many trucks come with threaded holes for the ball to be installed.

Urban legends have it that there are symbolic objects inside the ball that protect our flag from intruders. They can have different stories.

A weapon, match, and razor are the most common items found in the ball. This scenario will result in the destruction of the military unit. In this scenario, the last soldier would tear down the flag and make it into strips. In most cases the gun with the bullet-bearing capability is located beneath the flagpole.

This story is not the only one. There are many variations. One popular variation is to remove flags using the razor. This can be used to defend your flag with the bullet, as an alternative to using the razor.

Some cases include additional items that are hidden along with the original. The additional item may include a grain of rice or wheat depending on the model. The rice provides fuel for soldiers who defend the flag. The wheat is to be used in rebuilding food stocks in the event the soldier wins. If victory is won, an additional item would be a needle and thread as well as a tool or device to repair or replace flags. A pencil for writing was also mentioned.

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