The Unsung Hero of Sustainable Development & its Quiet Quest towards World Domination

Let’s talk hemp cannabis. Imagine attending a gathering and hearing someone bring up hemp clicking here. The room splits in two. The room splits instantaneously. Both sides are missing out on the big picture.

Hemp, the quiet cousin of marijuana, is a great choice for family gatherings. It is so low in THC (the substance that gets you high), it would not buzz a fly. This plant has caused controversy more than any celebrity.

Take a look back. Hemp was a hot commodity in the past. It was used to make ropes on ships that explored new lands as well as paper for declarations of independence. That’s old-school cool.

Hemp has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Hemp is enjoying a revival today, but it’s certainly not without controversy. This is due to the misconception that hemp and marijuana are synonymous. In the U.S., the 2018 Farm Bill attempted to rehabilitate the reputation of hemp by allowing growers to do so again legally. The prohibition years were a time of missed opportunities!

What is the plant not capable of? Clothes? Check. Hempcrete has a long-lasting durability. Yup. The party has also included biodegradable straws and car parts. Hemp batteries also come up – imagine charging your smartphone with a plant someday!

It gets better! Hemp reminds me of a friend who wants you to help move them because they own pickup trucks. It is an environmental hero because it can grow quickly without pesticides, or with little water.

We still have a negative view of hemp because it is closely related to marijuana. It’s like refusing “Game of Thrones” just because it features dragons and believing that all fantasy series have the same plot.

It’s funny, but hemp can get your in trouble faster than sustainable. Many people can’t tell the difference between hemp and its psychoactive cousins.

Hemp has a bright future (wearing sunglasses to make it brighter). More people are starting to recognize the potential of hemp without its cousin’s high-flying behaviour.

When someone brings up the topic of hemp at a gathering, or any subject for that matter, be sure to share these fascinating facts. You will be called the most fascinating person at the party, or you may find yourself in an intense debate with your Aunt Karen about whether plants are able to save the planet.

Be on the lookout for this green miracle. It quietly plots a world dominance trip, one sustainable item at a time.

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