The No-Nonsense Guide To Choosing Your Flooring Supplier

The journey to choose a pacific floor covering is a long one! You’re choosing your prom date. You want to find someone who is reliable, understands your style and won’t leave you at the last minute just because they got a “better job”. Just like prom, a lot is riding on your decision. But instead of a single night, you will be living with it for years.

Let’s start with the materials. There’s wood, which gives you a cozy cabin feel, tile, which is cool and easy to clean after taco-night disasters and carpet, a fluffy cloud beneath your feet. (Until the dog decides that it’s now his favorite bathroom spot.) Each has their own charms and challenges. What’s the best choice for your lifestyle?

The real detective work starts with finding the best crew to install your dream flooring. You can get the inside scoop by asking for reviews, just like you would when finding out who is dating whom. You want to know the truth: Who is on time? Whose career lasts longer than celebrity marriages? Ask for pictures (of their work). It’s like showing off their skills with a good Instagram feed.

The new black is sustainability in flooring. All people want materials that do not kick Mother Nature’s shins. Contractors who are into green materials, like bamboo or recycled products, don’t just do it to be cool at parties. These contractors are genuinely interested in giving you flooring that future generations will also be proud of.

Let’s talk money. It can be awkward to explain why you are 30 years old and still live with roommates. You can find the sweet spot where quality and affordability meet with a contractor who is straight-forward. Imagine finding designer shoes for thrift store prices. It’s a rare and wonderful find.

Durability is also a big deal. You need flooring that will not be damaged by pets or children (or even a partner who has two left feet). Your contractor should tell you what’s best for you and your family, not just the circus.

Flexibility is also important. As more people work from home, floors can double as an office by day and a yoga studio at night (or a wine tasting venue – no judgment). What’s the latest? Luxury vinyl tile. The vinyl tile is tough and can look like anything, from marble to hardwood. Even your aunt will not know that it’s fake.

As I wrap up this short chat (because you promised me no fluff), keep in mind that choosing a flooring contractor doesn’t require rocket science, but it does require some research and gut-checking intuitions. Choose someone who understands your style, is respectful of your budget and does not make sustainability an afterthought.

If all else fails, there’s always the option of area rugs.

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