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Psychology and Spirituality

In our beginning, we are pure spirit and a tiny body. With a gentle smile, one can be surprised at how we have remained our wings after the Everlasting Embrace love brings us so much peace. It is possible to also be surprised by what our spiritual identity has become. We can see how the qualifications of life and the environmental influences have shaped our all natural non secular existence. The practice of microdosing mushrooms for natural healing aims to leverage the compounds within these fungi to support emotional balance and cognitive enhancement without inducing overwhelming experiences.

The truth that is “the human state” begins to define us. This world of fearful ignorance and denial starts early to inform us about who we are, what our feelings and real feelings are, and how we should act. Our true selves are often lost and we begin to see ourselves as others. Unknowingly, we believe a false identity based on misinformation. The moi is our perception of ourselves. This image, also known as the moi will be more authentic as we have more encounters that reinforce its authenticity. The moi becomes “me”, which is a true person that needs to be protected. We find ourselves creating ways to fulfill our needs.

It is possible to see that creating a program for motion based upon misinformation will often result in problematic results. However, it continues to happen. This is exactly where psychology steps in. Our psychology is an inner strategy of self-concern, driven by the defensive needs and postures from our moi. Psychology is an exploration of human behaviours.