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Utah Drug Rehab Treatment

New women’s drug rehab in Utah combines our experience with the latest drug addiction treatments. This allows us to help our clients with their ongoing abstinence and alcohol abuse through substance abuse therapy. It also helps with depression, anxiety or mental attitudes. We provide safe housing for our clients while they are undergoing therapy and participating in other programmes.

The treatment program also includes transitional programming. According to studies, offering different levels of treatment that can be successfully changed from high-intensity to low-intensity is a key component of long-term recovery. New Roads enables treatment center patients to alter their therapy level and consistency as they move from Residential Treatment towards Transition. The program allows the individual to continue their therapy within the facility and experience life situations in real time with healthy staff. The key to long-term recovery is to get clients moved into sober apartments. This encourages people to reach out for help if in crisis rather than using alcohol or drugs. Transitional housing also offers a family-like environment which is more similar to real life.

The greatest benefit of the transition program is its ability to help people ease into normal life more gradually and comfortably in an environment that’s safe and supportive. As they reenter the work force and move into group housing they will become less dependent upon the program for maintaining abstinence. Due to their increased level of self-reliance, accountability and responsibility, clients who are transitioning usually experience fewer relapses. This is accompanied by a greater satisfaction with the program as well as a stronger commitment to sobriety. Due to our affordable transitional programs, clients are able to accept a sober life, without debt.