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How to Choose Your Signature Men’s Perfume

If you want to make a good impression, the men’s fragrance will help. Understanding men’s basic perfume is essential, regardless of whether you’re brand new to the fragrance world or simply looking to enhance your existing collection. Our beginner’s guide to ESNC Perfumery will take you from understanding the terminology to selecting your favorite scent.

To begin, let’s learn some fragrance terms.

Notes at the top: This is the scent you initially smell after applying perfume. They tend to be light and airy and tends to evaporate.

Once the top notes fade, middle notes or heart notes emerge. They are the most dominant notes and have a longer lasting fragrance than top note.

Base notes: base notes are the final phase in the perfume. This is the base note of a fragrance.

This knowledge will allow you to choose the right perfume for your needs.

Picking your Signature Scent. Men’s perfume is available in different fragrance families. These scents cater to different needs and events. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular fragrance families.

Citrus: Ideal for those who want a scent that is energetic, fresh, and full of energy, citrus-based fragrances often feature notes like lemon, bergamote, or grapefruit.

This fragrance is perfect for anyone who enjoys warm earthy scents.

Oriental: Oriental fragrances that are characterized by vanilla, Cinnamon, or Incense will add a hint of spice to your evening wardrobe.

Fresh: Invigorating and crisp fragrances that often have marine and a green note. Perfect for everyday use.

How to Use and Preserve Your Perfume. Once you find your ideal scent, the next step is to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Below are some tips that you can use:

Pour a perfume that lasts throughout the whole day, apply the perfume to your pulse points, including the wrists neck and chest.

You should avoid rubbing the wrists with each other after applying perfume. The composition of the scent can be altered.

If you want to keep the fragrance’s potency intact, place it somewhere cool and dark away from bright sunlight.

It is important to note that choosing the perfect perfume for men can be a very rewarding experience. You will learn how to understand fragrance terms and find your signature smell. Choose a perfume that reflects your personal style.