Reduce Ligature Risk at Your Facility

When a patient enters a mental facility visit this link, they are often in a vulnerable state and may be contemplating harming themselves or others. This can often lead to the risk of ligatures.

Ligature risks can be any point where a patient could attach a cord, rope, or other material to a bedsheet or sheet. The point could be created for the patient to attach a cord or rope.

What can you do if one-on-one observation is not possible? How should you handle a situation where the resident is sleeping in their room?

Create Resident Rooms that Are Ligature-Resistant

Residents of behavioral health facilities are less closely supervised than those in general. It is therefore important to create a safe environment. To achieve this, each resident room must have anti-ligature furniture and finishes.

The furniture that is anti-ligature or ligature resistant can be identified by the absence any areas in which materials such as ropes or cords could be used to tie or secure ligatures.

Desks, beds and shelves are among the furniture that can prevent suicides.

Pipes and radiators are other areas that can be ligatured in a resident’s room. You should replace them with ligature resistant options.

Conducting Environmental Risk Assessments

Assessing the risks to the environment outside of resident rooms is essential. It will also reduce the risks associated with ligatures. You should also evaluate other objects to determine if they need replacing.

It is essential to plan and assess each space where patients might be using.

Electrical outlets, the type of glass used, the type and type and hardware of the door, the nails that can be removed, and the furniture are all areas that require special attention.

The furniture in the common areas and residences must also be carefully examined for safety.

Ligature Safety – Anti Ligature Products

Installing anti-ligature gear is crucial to reduce the risks associated with ligatures.

Anti-ligature furniture has a number of design features including the elimination of any tie down points. It will improve the safety of your workplace. Anti-ligature furniture does not have moving parts. The furniture is made of a material that’s impenetrable and extremely durable.

Anti-ligature furniture can provide residents with an additional level of safety and comfort, while giving the staff peace of mind that their residents will not be in danger.

Reducing ligature hazards is of utmost importance in behavioral health care. Installation of anti-ligature gear makes the facility safer for both staff and patients. Regularly assess the entire facility to determine if it is equipped with anti-ligature equipment.

Max-Secure provides behavioral healthcare centers with the most advanced anti-ligature product in the industry. Our beautifully designed, manufactured institutional furniture is low maintenance and will remain a valuable asset for your facility for many years.

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