Popular Realism Painting Styles

Realism paintings depict life exactly as it appears in reality, with little drama, emotion or added embellishment. This painting style attempts to reduce the artist’s influence to its bare minimal. The goal is to capture life’s natural setting, which can include the commonplace and unattractive – click this link.

It is the intention of a realist painting to communicate a specific message directly based on what happened in that exact moment. This style allows the artist, to alter compositional aspects in order for them to clearly convey the truth about an event while not changing its significance or scope.

As a reaction to Romanticism, which was dominant at that time in France’s mid-1800s, the style began in this country. During the same period of time, photography began to develop. Gustave Courbet from France is considered as the father to the realistic style. His 1848 painting of the funeral, A Burial At Ornans, is often credited with starting this artistic movement.

The following artists are also notable for using realism as a painting technique: Jean Baptist Simeon Chardin. Charles-Francois Daubigny. Francisco Goya. Winslow HOMER. Edward Manet. John Singer Sargent. Andrew Wyeth.

In addition to the subcategories listed above, there are also:

It’s not uncommon to see the words naturism used as synonyms for realism. Actual subjects and real-life events are shown in the natural environment.

Photo-Realism is the extreme display of every little detail. The result is a photograph that has been magnified and sharply focused.

Classical Realism is an essentially modern movement that seeks to recreate the techniques and quality of painting used by artists before the 20th Century. Without the aid of photography, artists are reliant on their ability to observe.

Fantastic Realism uses the same realistic technique as the old master painters of before 1828 but with added religious symbols.

It was born of the American Great Depression. This art was created to show the brutal struggles and injustices in that period.

Romantic Realism presents its subject matter realistically while adding the potentials of the way things might be, or could even be, based on the traditional romantic philosophy.

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