Plastic Surgery: The Wild West of Plastic Surgery

Oh, that plastic surgery! This is the Wild West for the beauty industry, right? The sheriffs are the doctors, while everyone else is still trying to figure out their way around this bustling city useful link. Let’s drink coffee and discuss the topic together as if we were old buddies.

Let’s look at the procedure first. Plastic surgery is divided in two main categories: either repairing or upgrading damaged features. You can either take your car to a shop for urgent repairs or you could pimp your ride just because it’s cool.

When it comes to changing their appearance, people have more options available to them than on the menu at a quick-service restaurant. Nose job? Check. Bigger boobs? You betcha. What about sucking the stubborn fat away? Absolutely. The beginning is here. New procedures really are the best. They sound as if they were taken from a sci fi book.

Consider fat transfers. It’s like Tetris: you transfer the fat to the areas you desire. Botox & Fillers are nonsurgical options to achieve a “zhuzh”, with no downtime.

Why do people need a syringe and a knife? Well, it’s complicated. Some want the ability to go back and fix things they see each time they look in the mirror. Some people desire to heal from a life altering event like an illness, injury, or accident.

The problem here is that it can get sticky. Instagram makes people feel pressured to have a brand new look. You can easily feel the pressure to look more like influencers than yourself.

Plastic surgery is often a tough decision. This is similar to trying to climb up a hill without knowing the view at the top. Technology is incredible today – 3D scanners let you look into the past and robots assist with precision humans can’t imagine.

This cool technology with its promise of better looks raises the question: Should We Do It?

Here’s my two-cents. It’s important to have realistic expectations, and not base yours on reality TV. Perfection may be as impossible as unicorns and lipstick.

We also need to consider access and fairness in this cosmetic boon. We must remember that not everyone is entitled a gold ticket.

CRISPR is an innovative technology that lets us edit our genetic code, similar to Instagram’s filters.

A brief look at the world of plastic surgeries. You may be happy with your skin or want to learn more. It is your unique sense of humor, or perhaps your fierce confidence that makes you stand out.

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