Los Angeles Pool Contractors – A Search for the Perfect Pool Contractor

Let’s go for it – let’s pick a contractor to build a swimming pool in Los Angeles. Like choosing a tattooist to do your first large ink, it’s a similar process. You want someone that understands your personality, who knows what they’re doing, and won’t make you feel regretful when you glance at the work – discover more?

You should not simply Google “best contractor for pool” and choose the top search result. You wouldn’t trust a blind date arranged by your eccentric Aunt. Although it may work out, do you want to risk your pool, which is permanent?

A licensed and insured person is your safety net. If you don’t have it, then you are basically walking a narrow tightrope with no net in shark-infested oceans. But don’t just stop there. It’s not enough to have someone slap some mud and water into the hole. You want a designer who can make your backyard the envy in the neighborhood.

We’ll talk green now – no, we don’t mean algae. California is all too well-versed in droughts. It’s important to find someone who has the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid your oasis becoming a mirage. Think about saltwater system that doesn’t require chlorine or energy saving pumps that wont make you pay an arm and a leg for your electric bill.

Budget discussions can be as painful as stepping on Legos barefoot, but they are essential. A good contractor can explain the costs in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have to decipher ancient symbols. Hidden fees are more sneaky than socks in the wash.

Customization is exciting. Why settle for cookie-cutter if you can have couture. If “secret lagoon” is your idea of cool, don’t let your contractor limit his imagination to blue tiles.

Communication is King (or Queen). This should be more of a smooth dance, than a game like broken telephone. If updates are delivered like the plot twists of a TV soap opera, you should run.

How can you find the mythical creature? Ask around. Asking around is a great way to get recommendations.

Also, look at the previous work they have done. A contractor that is worthy of their reputation will be just as proud to show their projects off than a parent who whips out baby pictures.

You’re not only building a backyard pool, you’re creating your personal getaway from reality. You want someone that understands this; someone who speaks less than listens and dreams larger than you.

It’s kind of like dating in LA – you have to take your sweet time, listen to your gut and not settle until you meet “the one.” It’s hard to beat kicking back in your very own pool, especially on those endless Los Angeles summer days.

This is what makes living in the city so cool. Just any pool will do.

Here’s to California Pools–not only for their glitz, but also for the fact that they are our private oases where we can pause life’s madness…even for a short time. Let’s share some epic tales! At the very least, don’t fall asleep reading your textbooks. Asking why someone feels that way is better than jumping to conclusions. After all, listening is the key to understanding – even when it’s uncomfortable.

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