Indian Gold Trading

Trading gold isn’t a recent phenomenon like the stock exchange – click this link! Gold trading has been around for hundreds of years. It was traded even in the ancient days. It is a very valuable metal and its worth is often more than any currency. If you need to pay someone money, you can give him gold in exchange. This is the subject of many movies and many battles.

Trading gold is an easy way to earn money without having to touch anything. The Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) operates gold trading in India. But assuming or predicting the market can be a big mistake. You will lose a lot of money because nobody can predict the market. You should invest even more money if you think the market is going down.

First, you must understand how gold and silver are traded. The good news is you can buy gold by the lot.

It is rare that the price of this commodity goes down. Even if it does, you can still make money by using tips provided by researchers and experts. You will not have to leave your home nor will anyone come and visit you.

But if I take physical delivery

You are taking physical possession of the item and removing it from the Comex System. Comex contracts are often traded like stocks. The gold may be backed by a warehouse receipt or other proof of ownership. In our current system gold is leveraged up to 500:1 from paper gold to actual physical gold

This question is often asked by many people

What happens if we buy a gold futures contract?

It is important to know the answer. You may receive physical gold if you buy a gold contract. The process is lengthy, complicated and it may even be dangerous to take the gold home.

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