How to Find the Best Affiliate Programmes

Anyone who is involved in affiliate programs that generate regular income knows how difficult it is for them to assess the effectiveness before they try it check that. It is not uncommon for programs to look promising to make big money, but they often end up disappointed. The ones that didn’t appear like much can often turn out to be the most lucrative and rewarding affiliate programs you’ve ever had.

I was reminded of a simple affiliate program that I didn’t feel had enough marketing support to sell any sales. The reason I tried to paste these affiliate links was that I knew it wouldn’t work. I also have a policy that I test as many programs as possible at any given moment. This one was a blessing as it came when I didn’t have much to do. To date, I have been getting regular checks in the hundreds that are steadily increasing since last year.

Compare this with other incredible affiliate programs that i have joined with high confidence that I would earn a fortune. All were flops. The only thing that saved me was my back from all the hard work I put into marketing and promotion. Many of the things you’ve heard about finding successful affiliate programs are true. You’ve already read the advice about selecting an affiliate program relevant to your site. However, none of these tips are more important than the one about testing all affiliate programs you believe may be relevant. It is important to look for residual income programs as often as you can.

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