How to Clean Carpets Effectively

Carpet cleaning is a service that everyone knows. It can enable people to lead healthier and cleaner lives. The professional carpeting companies have different cleaning techniques to fit different circumstances. These are the top cleaning methods that professionals in this industry use – visit us!

Hotwater Extraction

The industry calls this steam cleaning method. By stirring the carpet, high-pressured hot water is used to wash away dirt and stains. A rinse is performed after the hot water application to ensure a great finish.

Normally, it would take about 2 hours to completely clean a surface of 3000 Sq FT. The carpeting will also need 4 additional hours in order to be dry. It is best to start this process late in the afternoon if you’re cleaning carpets for an office.

Carpet Washing: –

The cleaning was also done prior to 1970 (before encapsulation). A large amount of residue foam is left behind after shampooing the carpet. This has the disadvantage of taking a long time to dry the carpet. Because no rinsing was done, the carpet has a sticky texture. This leads to a rapid re-soiling.


A cleaning service uses this technique to clean carpets with a light soiling. As a chemical base, a specific foam is applied. It will then accumulate the dirt particles or stains into powder, and can be removed using a brush or vacuum. This method was more popular because the drying time is much shorter and it is much easier than using shampoo. It is great that most of these services focus on using eco-friendly encapsulants.

Due to its limitations, however, encapsulation could not be the right solution for heavy-soiled carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnets can also be used for the top surface of carpet fiber. This bonnet is used to treat the fibers at the top of the carpet. This is done with the aid of a powerful motorized machine equipped with a spinning disk. It is designed to be able absorb the dust and dirt off the surface of carpets. The pads are mainly found in hotels or other public areas that require quick solutions.

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Compounds are also used for dry carpet cleaning. The technology is modern and has grown in popularity very quickly. A quick and thorough process is expected with this method. For businesses who need to be open 24 hours a day, this is the most suitable option.

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