How to Choose a Website Builder For Your Church

Once you have established the goals of your website – click this link, and how you plan to allocate resources to it through a church website builder, there are two other crucial pieces to the puzzle: functionality and transferability. Let’s talk about each of these options.

Functionality. Here you will find all your answers to questions regarding the aesthetics and functions of your website.

Mobile-responsive. Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-responsive because most people search using their smartphones. It makes sense to choose a platform that is mobile-responsive when you look at website builders. Because this is so important, we made sure that all media in this article were mobile-responsive.

Sermon/Podcast Capability. Regular attendees will want to keep in touch, and new people are eager to hear your sermons. Once you’ve reduced your options, check out their audio and video platforms. Once you have uploaded large files, be sure to check if they charge additional storage.

Giving or Payment Choice. Your website should have an online tithing option. This is important because more people are shopping online, banking online, and making donations online. Either choose a builder that offers an integrated donating platform, or you can use third-party tools. Please remember that payment processing systems often charge fees based on how many donations your church receives.

Transferability. Transferability is the ability to transfer your content from one website to another if you ever decide to change website builders or hosts. This is not a problem for most churches. However, it might affect your search engine ranking so don’t be too concerned.

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