How do I grow Mushrooms? Oyster Mushroom Growing: Easy and Fantastic Way to Get started

China is still the largest oyster mushroom producer, but many people now know how to easily grow them themselves. The cultivation of oyster mushrooms can be a very rewarding activity. When the growing space is ready, all the gardener has to do is perform a few simple tasks to ensure proper mushroom growth. Read more now on shroom capsules.

The mushroom garden is a great indoor or outdoor option. A mushroom garden is created by selecting the oysters to be propagated and then setting up the container. To propagate oyster mushrooms, gardeners must choose a group of connected mushrooms.

The first step to oyster mushroom growing is to place wet pet bedding in a paper bag. Mushrooms are grown by cutting off the stem base. The stem base can be placed inside the wet bag by simply cutting it off. Fold gently the top over the bag, and put it in another bag filled with wet shavings.

It is also possible to fold the paper bag shut and put it into a plastic jar. This container can be placed in the fridge’s crisper drawer for up to three months. In this period, the mushroom stalk sprouts to be able to create a garden at home.

Prepare the mushroom bedding after three months of flowering the mushroom base. The substrate refers to the soil that will be used for growing the mushrooms. The straw can be sterilized by mixing water and peroxide in an equal ratio of ten:one. Peroxide should be used to dampen the straw. Add some straw and mushroom base into a plastic bag.

Then alternately layer the straw with mushroom base. Bags should be empty of excess peroxide. The bag must be left at room temp. After the seedlings have started to turn white, the gardener needs to make a tiny x (or small hole) in the bag. The mushroom will bloom out of the small hole. The bag can be hung in the kitchen, and mushrooms are picked as you cook.

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