How do I choose between manual or automatic machines? What kind should I purchase?

Whether you’re a coffee lover or just an occasional drinker, all cups of tea and coffee aren’t the same. Even though coffee’s quality depends heavily on its ingredients, coffee machines vary in taste. Even though the two ingredients are exactly the same (coffee and hot water), the methods and machines used will have a huge impact on how well you enjoy your cup of coffee. The most common ways to make coffee and the machines that are used for it can be found below, find out more!

Make coffee with just your hands. This method is the least expensive. Simply add instant coffee to boiling water and stir. Coffee quality, however, is on the low end.

Coffee Maker Manual Drip- The coffee is in a basket that sits on top of the pot. About four to five mins are needed to brew the coffee. Portable and very popular for campers, this is a portable type.

French Presses – These are also known as coffee plungers. French Press: In this method, coffee is added into the receptacle of the French Press and water slightly below boiling point is poured slowly over the ground. After allowing it to soak for a few moments, the plunger will be gently pushed downwards in a controlled fashion. Excellent coffee is the result. This coffee maker is very popular in offices with the “coffeeholics”.

Automatic Drip Coffeemaker This is currently the most widely used type. Cold water, heated just slightly above boiling point, is spread evenly on top of the coffee and drips into an accumulator below. You can program most of these to sync with an alarm clock. They come in many different models, each with their own features. Some include self-cleaning, built-in grinders, brew control settings, as well as cup capacity and self cleaning. From tens to thousands of dollars, prices vary.

One-cup coffeemaker: These machines are similar to automatic drip-coffeemakers but do not require any guesswork for the measurements. To make a cup of coffee, one pod is needed. Also, it is very easy to clean since the pods can simply be thrown out in the garbage. Although they cost more than other drip-style systems, these are still cheaper.

Espresso machines — These machines force steam or hot water rapidly through coffee with a pressure pump. It is a very strong and thick espresso with little or no crema. The cost of an espresso machine also varies depending on its features and how it is produced.

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