Dry Carpet Cleaning: Its Benefits

Have you experienced a carpet that dries out slowly and is not ready for your normal activities? The spots may still be visible, even though the carpet has dried my link. You can still get this result even if the carpet cleaning was done by a professional. What should someone do if they are not willing to use the old-fashioned cleaning method?

Dry carpeting is an effective way to eliminate wicking issues, mildew or mold and the rapid return of dirt. Dry carpeting involves a thorough vacuuming and pre-treatment of the carpet. An accelerator is then applied. Dry cleaning is done by applying the agent followed up with a machine-wash and touch up.


Most carpet and pad producers recommend using this process to prevent most accidents. If you use carpets in your office, they can gather dust and bacteria. A standard vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning machine are unable to reach them. Even carpets, which may “appear clean”, can contain many particles that can pollute the surrounding air. The dry cleaning method is completely safe for both children and pets. The dry-cleaning process is free of pollutants, and it does not require the disposal of wastewater.

The carpet backing does not stretch, delaminate or rot. Depending on the size and shape of the carpet, you can then resume normal traffic. You will notice that your house will smell much better.

Dry Carpet Cleaning System

To begin, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a counter-rotating bristle. The machines lift piles and remove dirt, dust and other allergens like dust mites and mould that are often found in carpets.

To remove visible stains, you can use a low-moisture treatment. Emulsify remaining stains in an orange based solution to capture them. Use the same counter rotating brushes to apply and brush organic micro sponges bottom-up. Just like kitchen sponges they absorb stains and soils. The same vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the carpet after a successful result.

This process is designed to remove allergens, contaminants and other impurities.

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