Discovering the World of Men’s fragrances at Esnc – A personal journey

The journey to find ‘your scent’ is unique, just like your fingerprint. Esnc offers a wide range of scents that is exciting, but also overwhelming. What is the best way to navigate through this fragrant maze and find one that suits your taste? See more information.

Imagine you are walking in Esnc. Your senses will be greeted by an assortment of scents that each tell a story. First, you need to understand the different fragrances. Are you more inclined to the earthy scent of woods, or do you prefer citrus? Perhaps the orientals’ spicy charm or the fresh, subtle appeal of fragrant fougere is what you crave?

Each fragrance contains layers, the base, middle and top notes. It is often a very light fragrance that you first smell. This is the initial impression but only lasts a moment. It is in the middle or “heart” of a perfume that the real essence of a fragrance lies. This is where your scent lingers. The fragrance’s base note will be the last thing you remember. This is the fragrance that lingers in your memory, subtly announcing its presence.

What do you think? Imagine your fragrance like an invisible accessory. You should choose a fragrance that complements your personality. You may be the outdoor-loving adventurer. You might want to consider a scent with green, fresh notes. You may be more sophisticated and suave. A bold woody smell might suit your taste. You may be someone who isn’t bound by labels. A unique scent, perhaps with a hint of coffee or even chocolate, might suit you.

Keep in mind that your fragrance will change according to the season and occasion. If you’re looking for something light and aquatic, it might work well on a warm summer day. A rich, spicy scent would go great with a cold winter evening. Remember that you can find the perfect scent by breaking rules. You may find that a feminine floral scent speaks to your heart. Why not, you might ask?

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