Cleaning and Maintenance Your Fence

You may find it difficult to clean your fence if you’re not familiar with the process. No matter if you’re searching for advice on how to clean vinyl fences, wood fences, chain-link fences, or steel and aluminum fences, The Fence Company AZ will provide you with all the information you require for fence maintenance. In each section, we will discuss the tools and materials you’ll need to clean your fence. We will also explain how easy or difficult it is (on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being very easy, and 5 extremely hard), and what time frame should be used.

How To Clean Vinyl Fencing:

Required Materials:

* Water Hose

The bucket or spray bottle can be used to wash vinyl.

• Soft Cloth Rags

• Soft brush to scrub tougher stains and dirt

Level Of Difficulty :

* 2 – Vinyl fencing requires little elbow grease to keep it clean. However, some dirt and tougher stains will require more effort.

Recommended Cleaning Time for Vinyl Fencing:

Cleaning your vinyl fencing at least three to six times a year will give you the maximum result.


There are a number of reasons that you need to wash your vinyl fence. These include dirt from the ground, or grass from the lawn being deposited on the fence after cutting it. Other debris such as leaves can also accumulate on vinyl fences following a storm. They are all minor reasons and easily cleanable.

You can clean most vinyl fences by using a hose. However, there may be some tough stains which a hose will not remove. Follow the instructions below to keep your fence looking brand new!

For cleaning vinyl fencing, decide whether to use soapy water (purchased at your local home improvement store) or vinyl cleaning solutions. Or a mix of the two. When using soapy or environmentally-safe cleaning solutions in a bucket, make sure to add enough water into the bucket. Tip: If the solution is eco-friendly, ,… (Vinyl fences are environmentally safe.)

If you are using a spray bottle of vinyl cleaning solution, simply spray the area of the fence to be cleaned and then wipe it down with a soft cloth. Use a spray bottle to apply vinyl cleaning solutions and clean the desired areas. Wipe with a dry, soft cloth. If you’re done cleaning a section of your fence, spray it with water and then let it dry.


Required Materials:

For deep cleaning, a water hose or power washer is required.

Wood Stain – NOT PAINT

The wood-cleaning solution is made of bleach or other cleaning agents

* Plastic Sheets (to Protect Grass Under Fence)

Levels Of Difficulty :

Cleaning wood fencing can be slightly easier depending on how you clean it and what kind of work is involved.

Recommendation for the cleaning of a wooden fence:

You should clean and re-stain the wood fence at least every three to five years.


You will notice a change in color if you have cedar fencing. The paint or stain may start to fade and you will notice mold growing. How to restore your wooden fence back to its original beauty is explained in this article.

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