Carpet Cleaning North Shore – The Best Methods for Carpet Odor Treatment Services

You may have a carpet smell problem. However, you can permanently eliminate the unpleasant smells by using carpet cleaning northshore’s odor removal services. We have the best tools and methods to eliminate carpet odors – helpful hints. We use these techniques to remove carpet odors:

Heat water extraction

One of the best ways to eliminate carpet odors is hot water extraction. The hot water extraction technique uses heat to loosen the dirt and odor particles from the carpet fibres. Carpets can be cleaned after removing the key, dirt- and smell-causing particles.

Enzyme Therapy

An enzyme treatment can also be used to eliminate odors from pet urine or organic material. Enzyme treatment is a method that eliminates the stench from the source. It uses natural enzymes to break down the odor-producing microorganisms.


Carpet cleaning techniques such as steam washing can also be used to eliminate odors. The steam is used to release dirt and odor-causing substances from carpet fibers. The smoke is then expelled together with dirt particles and odors, leaving carpets fresh and clean.

Odor-removing Sprays

Carpet deodorizers can also be used to remove odours. This spray contains unique ingredients which eliminate odors. It leaves your carpets clean and fresh. For the most effective results, our experts will select the ideal deodorizing fragrance for you.

Air cleaners

Odors may be caused by pollutants in the air, such as smoke from cigarettes or food scents. These situations may be addressed by air purifiers, which can remove any particles that could cause odors in the home, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

Carpet Cleaning North Shore is available to help with your carpet odor treatments and provide you with the opportunity for fresh, clean carpets.

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